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Karon Smedley


A highly respected Senior Executive in the consultancy market, Karon has a proven track record for growing businesses and transforming opportunities. She founded i360 after a successful career spanning more than 20 years at multi-billion dollar companies, where she held senior level executive positions.

Karon has received national recognition with multiple leadership awards due to her success in achieving quick turnarounds, new market expansions, pricing strategies and cost reduction plans. She also has a high approval rate in the business consulting industry and has maintained a 98% account retention rate with her clientele.

Nix Maxwell

Natalie Hanvey

Marketing & Digital Strategy Consultant

Experienced Brand Manager specializing in Digital Marketing, B2B & B2C, Social Media, PR and Campaign Management and Strategy. Natalie joined i360 in August of 2018 after a successful career managing multi-million dollar product lines at companies in fashion, cosmetics, entertainment distribution, television, and national retail chains.

In the past eight years, Natalie has successfully managed multi-million dollar product lines and lead teams to achieve increased client satisfaction by 60%. Her keen recommendations have saved thousands of dollars for her business partners.

Natalie holds a B.A. in Business Merchandising with an emphasis in International Business and Publications.

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