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i360 was founded on the principle that business is driven by vision . Vision and an aligned strategy generates dynamic growth, unparalleled services and exceptional profits. Discovering the scope of your company's vision through strategic planning is our specialty. i360's highly skilled consultants are passionate about mentoring, coaching and training for business excellence. Your company's success story is our mission. i360 is your valued partner and your trusted advisor.



i360 offers "fit for purpose" transformation of large and small businesses. We help develop strategies that advance your company's market success, and contribute to a higher quality of living for key-stake holders, customers and employees. i360 and its purpose driven consultants deliver forward thinking processes and tools that bring your future into today. i360 helps your business contribute to the betterment of the business world.



Short-term assistance promotes long-term success. Shared solutions offer mutual gains. By offering proven functional alignment strategies, i360 guides your company toward sustainable growth and maximum financial potential. This includes a comprehensive plan for quick turnarounds with measureable performance improvements regardless of company size.


Expertise & Capabilities

  •   Strategy Planning
  •   Operations Optimization
  •   Customer Strategy 
  •   Improved Market Performance
  •   Model Transformation
  •   Exit Planning
  •   Mergers & Acquisitions
  •   Leadership Development
  •   Facilities Consultant
  •   Franchise Consultant
  •   TV/Broadcasting 

Karon Smedley


Karon Smedley is a highly respected Senior Executive advocate in the consultancy market with a proven track record for growing businesses and transforming turnaround opportunities. She demonstrates mastery in many key areas.

Karon has garnered numerous national leadership awards in the integrated facilities management industry as the result of achieving quick turnaround success, new market expansions, pricing strategies, cost reduction plans, and achieved 98% account retention retaining a highly satisfied clientele.


We service every industry and cater to a diverse clientele...

  •  Large Corporations
  •  Mid-sized Companies
  •  Small Start-Ups
  •  Private Equity Firms
  •  Non-Profit Organizations

What Clients Say?

i360 Consulting assisted me in developing my business portfolio and proposal for prospective buyers with extraordinary commitment and guided me to the right potential buyer's for my business. i360 Consulting approached my project with keen industry insight and genuine investment from start to finish, and delivered an excellent outcome for my business. I highly recommend i360 Consulting.

Margaret B.  Tucson, AZ

Following the stagnation of our 20 year old company, i360 Consulting helped to reposition our services and programs. This fostered a 53% growth in revenue in less than a year. I’m grateful for the professional and profitable experience I gained by working with Karon Smedley. I recommend i360 Consulting to any company seeking growth.

Trevor S. Phoenix, AZ

After growing multiple profitable enterprises, I hired i360 Consulting to review our companies. Our partners were highly impressed with the franchise guidance and expertly crafted strategies Karon and her team provided. We optimized our existing operations in one company and expanded our franchise units in another. It was well worth the investment hiring Karon and i360 Consulting.

RV Phoenix, AZ
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